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We are constantly working to provide the best care and treatment available.

KheironVet - Profily Veterinářů a Certifikace
KheironVet - Pavel Mádr

MVDr. Pavel Madr, CSc., MBA

  • graduated from the Veterinary University in Brno in 1986

  • 1986-1991 - intern at the Institute of Physiology and Genetics of Livestock of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences

  • 1991-1992 - Institute of Serums and Vaccines - a specialist in immunization

  • 1993-2003 - Expert advisor and specialist in pig and poultry farming

  • 2003 - Kheiron - veterinary services, veterinary counseling and trade in additives, feeds, disinfectants, etc.

  • specialization - immunology and allergology, ethology, prevention in large-scale farms, nutrition of farm and social animals.

KheironVet - Gabriela Míšová

MVDr. Srdjan Lolic

  • graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine at Belgrade University

  • practice in a veterinary clinic in Belgrade

  • recently practised in a  veterinary surgery in Prague

  • specialization: prevention, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery

KheironVet - Peeping Puppy
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