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For planned surgeries such as castration, removal of tumours, etc. you ALWAYS need a booking!

KheironVet - Man's BF


  • Preventive examinations, consultation, nutrition advice

  • Vaccination of dogs, cats and rabbits - we send owners a reminder for the upcoming vaccination date

  • Treatment against external and internal parasites

  • Sales of quality feed, nutritional supplements, breeding aids and clinical diets

  • Application of microchip, issuing of passport

  • Provision of health certificates (for: exhibitions, travelling abroad ...)

  • Treatment of claws, anal glands, ears ...

  • Testing rabies antibodies before travelling abroad

  • Advice on upbringing and training



  • Diagnosis and therapy of skin, ear, claw and anal gland diseases

  • Microscopic examination of skin scraps, hairs, earwax ...

  • Sampling for cultures and cytology examination

  • Biopsy and histological examination of skin and skin lesions

  • Blood sample analysis for allergology and subsequent desensitization

  • Surgical removal of skin lesions

  • Removal of skin lesions by cryopen - nitrogen



  • Diagnosis and therapy of hormonal disorders

  • Hematologic and biochemical blood tests in the office (thyroid hormone and cholesterol, glucose, liver and kidney tests, basic electrolytes, blood count)

  • Mediated blood testing for the diagnosis of pancreatic, adrenal and thyroid diseases, functional tests

  • Biochemical and microscopic examination of urine

  • Ultrasound and X-ray examination

  • Preparation of a glycemic curve in dogs and cats with diabetes



  • Diagnosis and treatment of disease

  • Determination of optimal mating time or insemination, cytological examination and  progesterone determination

  • Ultrasound examination for pregnancy diagnosis

  • Ultrasound and X-ray examination

  • Neutering of males and spaying of females, surgery of the mammary gland (biopsy)



  • Diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases

  • Echocardiography including Doppler measurements

  • ECG examination for diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders

  • X-ray examination in the Uvaly clinic

  • Genetic tests for heart disease in cats

  • Blood pressure measurement


  • Diagnosis and therapy of bowel, stomach, liver and pancreas diseases

  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity

  • X-ray examination of the abdominal cavity, including contrast

  • Hematologic and biochemical blood tests in the clinic (liver tests, bile acids, basic electrolytes, blood count)

  • Blood testing for the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases, digestive disorders and intestinal absorption

  • Biopsy and histological examination

  • Parasitological and chemical examination of faeces

  • Surgical treatment for abdominal diseases, the removal of lesions/polyps


  • Diagnosis and therapy for dental diseases

  • Ultrasonic removal of tartar

  • Extraction of milk teeth

  • Extraction of diseased and damaged teeth

  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases


  • Diagnostics and Therapy of Urinary tract conditions

  • Urine analysis, refractometer and microscopic analysis of biochemistry

  • Ultrasound screening of the bladder and kidneys

  • Monitoring of kidney disease including testing for SDMA markers

  • Diagnosis and Therapy for Incontinence

  • Removal of kidney stones


  • Basic ophthalmological examination

  • Diagnosis of corneal injury, tear duct disorders and eye examination

  • Surgical treatment for eyelid lesions/polyps


  • We partner with veterinary laboratories and experts as needed on a case-by-case basis:

    • Novopath s.r.o. - veterinary pathology

    • Idexx laboratories - reference veterinary laboratories

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